Creative spaces

Let me show you around the place I create in.

I have a number of things stuck to my walls. Some inspire, others create calm and a few remind me of where I’ve been, how far I’ve travelled and how much there still is to learn. 

There are a few different spaces in the studio I create from. To the left as you walk through the door is my drawing space, an area just for sketching – the place where everything begins. Above the desk is my sketching pin board with my scribbles and inspiration, some are from my children and others from artists I admire. I sketch often and it’s hard to keep these gems hidden from my mind once drawn, they just sit patiently waiting for the right time.

studio 4 studio 3 studio 2

Opposite the drawing desk is my sewing space, it’s just a simple white table from Ikea. My cutting mat sits at one end and sewing machine at the other, I sew barefoot so I can feel the machine beneath my toes. Sometimes you can see the table surface and carpet, other times you can’t.

I guess you got lucky today.

Cinderberry Stitches 2016-50 Cinderberry Stitches 2016-20 studio 5

Around the room are lots of storage places + cupboards to hide things in, bolts of past fabric collections and precuts rest on the shelves. I have a Raskog Ikea tolley at the end of the sewing table that stores all the sharp rotary cutters and scissors along with a plethora of sewing notions. It’s a modern version of the old sewing box, most creatives either have one or dream of having one. 

A round shelf displaying little things that make me smile hangs to the right of my sketching pin board. This is the place my sewing needle rests at the end of the day, sometimes bent the perfect way from over use. My paints, brushes and sketch books rest on the vintage cabinet below – doors removed so I catch a little glimpse of the samples packed inside.

Cinderberry Stitches 2016-26 studio 1 Cinderberry Stitches 2016-5 

I’d love to say I create in this space everyday, but let’s be honest I just don’t.  

I have been known to do many of these things in this place over the years….


Created dreams and mess.

Learn new things.

Wiped children’s tears.

Made things better.

Fixed stuff.

So if you have a chance to make your own creative space, fill it with things that awaken your soul – and if you only have a little space, remember that the passion to create outweighs the need for the perfect studio.