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Inspiration meets creativity + passion

Hey there, I’m Natalie.

Have you felt that moment when your breath slows down and your mind relaxes?

It begins when you thread the needle and begin slow stitching. It’s meditative, feeding your soul.

I love it.

I want you to love it too.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Natalie Lymer.

I’m a textile and fabric designer, illustrator and Mother of two who is passionate about colour, threads and design. I create unique fabrics and patterns that you can use to ignite your imagination and feed your soul.


I believe in dreaming big + following the trail of inspiration.



+ The power of gratitude.

+ The joy of storytelling through design.

+ In lifting others up and the power of a positive mind.

+ I believe your talent is not finite.

+ Sewing is not a race.

+ Create often, your soul will thank you.

+ Once lit, a creative passion will burn strong.


What brings me here?

While growing up I was always drawing or finding something new to draw, filling notebooks and blank pages with sketches. I wanted to be an animator so I could draw all day.

Over the years and my love for art and design grew, I learned to stitch and was fascinated with fabric, threads and the use of colour. It was inevitable that someday my love of drawing, colour and threads would meet. I began combining my sketches with hand embroidery and discovered the world of Cinderberry.

My imagination and design inspiration comes from so many places and people I meet. I love story telling while sketching, inspiration from nature, the little stories my children come home with and my crazy imagination and belief that anything is possible.

The Cinderberry home studio and office is based in Geelong, Australia.

Cinderbery is a small business, it’s just me here so at times things get a little crazy. Like many makers I find my best design work is done at night. It’s calm & quiet, the children are asleep and my imagination runs free.


I am Natalie.

I am Cinderberry.


When I’m not designing, there is a good chance you’ll find me:

Being a Mum and having fun with the kids; Picking up, dropping off + helping in the classroom; Reading a good book; Brewing a cup of tea….looking for my teacup; Sitting in a cafe, laughing with friends; Watching the sunrise and being thankful for another day.

I’m so glad you’re here.




Feel free to connect with me on social media to find out all the

lastest happenings in our home and studio.