Tooth Fairy Package – Letter set + Box

The perfect Tooth Fairy Package!

Our little wooden Tooth Fairy treasure boxes have been created to capture the imagination of little ones on that special night.

Each box base is lined with designed card stock and fitted with a slide top lid with magnetic closure. They are the perfect size to fit a few coins or a little surprise and message for your child to find in the morning.

Our Tooth Fairy boxes are made from natural wood, please understand that the wood grain will be unique on every box.

Our beautifully packaged fairy letters make that morning a little special, so many little ones love leaving notes for the Tooth Fairy to find and this is perfect way for to reply in style!


Our Tooth Fairy Package sets include:

1 x Fairy Box ‘pink version’ measures 5cm x 8cm x 2.5cm

5 x Tooth Fairy letters / A5 size – 148mm x 210mm

5 x ‘Postage stamped’ Tooth Fairy Envelopes / A2 size – 110mm x 146mm





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